Why You Need SEO for Your Online Business

Many people look at SEO as being complicated and standing against the big boys in their industry, but in fact it’s probably the easiest things to get right from the start.

The reason is that SEO is based around keywords – the words and phrases people use to search for information about a topic. So, if you’ve got a website online promoting Phoenix SEO Services, your SEO has to deal in the terms that people use when they are looking for search engine optimization services online.

These terms include variables that go beyond the everyday keywords we would use – terms like ‘buy fishing supplies’ or ‘affordable fishing supplies’.

These terms correlate to the products you are selling, the places you are based and the areas you have the product distributed. They also affect the traffic you generate.

Fishing supplies for the average UK market will be a hot topic for SEO this month (and many years ago was an area where a lot of companies failed).

So with this in mind, a lot of companies have got in to optimising their websites so that they are using the right terms. But is it enough?

SEO is about more than just rankings

SEO is about more than just rankings. It’s about more than just links to your website: it’s about generating leads and creating brand awareness. Each of these successfully bring customers to your site, but some produce more leads than others.

So with this in mind, a few years ago some SEO companies started using the structured mark downs that give SEO companies a bit of control over what they can say about a client’s website.

Beforehand, to get some keywords on to a page, a SEO company would simply offer the client a list of keywords that they could get on to the page.

The problem with this is that it made it hard for the client to know who they were actually dealing with.

In the end, a lot of SEO companies gave up using this method because it just wasn’t effective.

Instead, to keep the happy couple happy, some SEO companies decided to split their SEO down into different companies so that they could more effectively manage their own campaigns.

This approach is good for two reasons:

receives low CPC for each keyword, and

is keeping the SEO companies themselves to play secondary to the clients who are putting the requests in.

But is this the best thing for the SEO industry?

Well, it depends.

The history of SEO has been testing a lot of theories and tricks and the usual SEO pros and cons have emerged.

In truth, there are a decent amounts of techniques that contribute to higher rankings in the search engines.

Then there’s the practice of ‘black hat’ SEO that in a lot of ways is malicious and could be damaging to the search engine’s reputation.

On the other hand, there are definite strategies that are a lot more effective -and legal.

One of the most effective white hat strategies is what’s called ‘creating content for humans’.

The reason it’s so effective is simply the fact that whatever you create for your site – the article, the image, the graphic, the inf marker and so on – it’s human. So it must be natural, untainted by any naughty towards search engines, or you won’t be regarded kindly by them.

Hence once you have human created content, you can improve on it and expand upon it. You can add more links, you can optimise the anchor text, you can do all sorts of things.

But instead of loads of backlinks, lots of fashioned articles spammed with keywords, you need to concentrate on getting links from high quality websites.

These links need to be from higher quality sites than your own, and that’s why another of the SEO tips for effective on page optimisation:

Have high quality content on your own site too.

By high quality I mean well-written content that will be helpful for the reader (and because it’s mostly hand compiled by a human, it should be).

If you’re not a professional writer or you don’t currently employ a human to write for you, then it’s time to start – get out there and write for your own site.

Every day is a chance to add new content – on your own website and also with article directory sites.

The important thing with content submissions is to make sure they are of a decent quality.

This means checking them over and having a look at them to make sure they’re solid pieces of work. You can use software similar to this one to make sure you haven’t got a sole duplicate of your article on your website.

Most content submissions software will also help with navigation too. That means your backlinks will be highly relevant and will point the reader to the right parts of your site.